Showing Earth Some Love: Our Sustainability Efforts

This Earth is showing off lately. As spring erupts in its annual color extravaganza, we want to pause and share with you our commitment to preserving, protecting, and giving back to this beautiful planet we are privileged to inhabit. Out of respect for this beautiful place and a commitment to the world and the many people and creatures we share it with, Winton and Waits promises to be Responsible, Resourceful, and Respectful in the way we source, ship, curate, and manage our products. 


Did you know we carry our own line of Winton and Waits Bath and Beauty products? Each of these products meets at least one of the following criteria (and many meet all of them): vegan, non-toxic, paraben and GMO free, and animal cruelty free. We also craft our own jewelry. The beads and other elements we use are largely sourced from ethical makers around the world and often composed of recycled glass and metals. We also advocate for responsible packaging and choose vessels for our bath and beauty products that are recyclable and reusable. 


If you’ve visited our store, you know we celebrate creativity. But that creativity isn’t only present in the way we decorate and create. We also love getting creative about our sustainability efforts. Whenever we receive packaging from other vendors, we keep as much of the shipping materials as possible and reuse it for our own shipments. We recycle everything we don’t reuse. And, we encourage our customers to reuse our bath and beauty vessels. For example, our salt soak and milk bath containers can be refilled using our travel pouch products. And any of our bath and beauty vessels are perfect for repurposing as a pen holder, a vase, or a kitchen vessel. 


We believe part of respecting the Earth is honoring each person we share this beautiful place with. Our sustainability efforts include using ethically sourced findings, working with local and fair-trade artisans to secure gorgeous small-batch products. We do our best to ensure that whether a product or element we source comes from across the globe or around the corner, we show the utmost respect to the maker. 

At Winton and Waits, we embrace the responsibility we bear for our world, our neighbors, and our children. We hope this Earth Day and every day you celebrate with us and recommit to doing your part to being Responsible, Resourceful, and Respectful of this very special place we call home!

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