You know it’s coming – Mother’s Day! Maybe you look forward to it with joy, knowing you get to spend time with your mom and celebrate her. Maybe you are a mom and you aren’t quite sure how to set your expectations. Or maybe you have a complex relationship with your own mother and Mother’s Day is a bit difficult for you. Maybe you lost your mother and Mother’s Day is your yearly reminder of her absence. We want you to know that you are seen today. And in the light of the complexity of motherhood, we want to offer an alternative for you. Even though we believe that mothers are absolutely worth celebrating, what if we expanded mother’s day to celebrate individuals who are LIKE A MOTHER to us or to our kids? Who would that special person be? How would you like to celebrate them? (P.S. Your LIKE A MOTHER doesn’t have to be a mother or even female)

We asked our team who they would celebrate that is LIKE A MOTHER to them. Here are their responses: 

Maggie: My LIKE A MOTHER is Eve. Eve was godsend to us when I was teaching full time and raising my firstborn. She was his teacher in his little infant classroom but ended up becoming our nanny for several years. She was truly delighted to spend time with my children. No matter how hot it was in the Texas summers, she would take them on walks, go to the zoo, play in the backyard. It was one of the greatest gifts of young motherhood to know that my kids were safe and happy with Miss Eve. I truly cannot thank her enough. 

Paola: My elementary school teachers, but in particular Ms. Taylor was LIKE A MOTHER to me. Ms. Taylor was my pre-k teacher and a blessing for me and my parents. Staring school can be nerve-wracking for children and parents, but we had a couple additional challenges. She helped my parents navigate having their first-born start school in a different country from where they had gone to school and helped me navigate starting school while learning a completely new language in the process. I’m thankful for her and all my elementary school teachers for being kind and patient with my parents and I for those first few years of school.  

Jenna A: My college years at Miami of Ohio are marked by a number of influential people in my life, but one that stands out is Jane Armstrong. Jane was The Women’s Director for Cru and she always had an open door, giving of her time and resources generously, looking for ways to meet us right where we were and taking every opportunity to listen and have open conversations about life, relationships and faith. She’s been LIKE A MOTHER to thousands of women through the years and I’m so grateful that I am one of them!

Jenna L: My relationship with Jennifer started when I was in college more than 30 years ago. I was a nanny for her kids, and she quickly became LIKE A MOTHER to me -- my home away from home. In a turn of events, I married into her family, and then in another turn of events, there was a time of brokenness. Through all of these years, all of these ups and downs in life, somehow Jennifer remained a constant for me. She has been a part of every major( and even minor) life event and has loved me so very well. In some stages, she nurtured me like a mom and, in other stages, she included me like a friend. I stand in awe of her ability to give of herself in ways that impact the hearts and lives of others so significantly. She is joyful, generous, thoughtful, kind, and loving. She is authentic and consistent. I have learned so much about resilience and gratitude from her and I am so thankful she’s in my life! 

Lindsey: My Great Aunt Betty is my LIKE A MOTHER. Betty (now 94) is a godly woman, dedicated to her family, church family and friends. She embodies true beauty, kindness, humility and pure JOY like no one I’ve ever known. She never married and has no kids of her own, so she “adopted” her nieces and nephews (and now great-great nieces and nephews)! She is also a mother figure to so many in her church. Within minutes of meeting her, she will win your heart, and you will have hers. In all the years I’ve known her, I’ve never heard her speak a negative word about anyone or anything. I absolutely love cheering on the Cowboys with her every fall, sharing meals, stories and laughs. She is truly, truly special, and I’m so grateful for her presence and influence in my life and the life of my family.

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