What Fundraising Dreams are Made Of

We made 4,127 cookies. My daughter and I -- plus a few other helpers who came out of desperation! -- baked our way to Ethiopia.  

We had heard about an opportunity to go on a Mother-Daughter mission trip, and neither of us had really done anything quite like that before. But at that time, in that moment, something seemed right about us venturing out…to the other side of the world…together. 

I felt the challenge in paying for one trip. But two trips? Quite honestly, it felt super overwhelming. I knew one of us could send out a letter for support, but I didn’t feel great about sending out “competing” fundraising campaigns between the two of us. Our community of support was virtually the same. 

Mission Trip Fundraising

We needed a plan. 

I didn’t mind working for it, and I thought it would be good for my daughter to have “skin in the game” as well. So we signed the commitment to go on the trip and prayed. Somehow I knew this journey would eventually lead to something BIG -- I just didn’t know what it was going to be.

Our little plan ended up being my mom’s recipe for homemade sugar cookies. I had recently bought some cute cookie cutters on a whim, and so I guess I felt I needed to put those to good use!

It was almost Valentine's Day, and we had just enough time to capitalize (alongside Hallmark) on the holiday! We baked a few samples, took pictures and put it on social media -- marketing them for teacher and friend gifts. And, of course, sharing our story and our cause. 

It felt good to me to offer something people were likely planning to spend money on anyways, and it would give them a chance to use that same money to make an impact. 

Fundraising Cookies

We couldn’t believe it -- but we funded our entire trip. Both of us. 

We were exhausted and so very sick of sugar and butter and icing, but we headed across the world to expand our view and get out of our bubble. And it was life-changing.

In fact, we were never the same. 

Jenna on Mission Trip

I wouldn’t go back and do it any differently if I had the chance to do it over again. Having skin in the game was good. It was good for this 40-year-old (at the time) mama and good for my 15-year-old (at the time) daughter. 

Why am I telling you this? Well, I just feel like there are some of you out there who might want to do something big -- something scary and out of the box…

I want to encourage you to not be afraid if you have to get creative, do something different, have some skin in the game to get you where you want to be. The journey makes it so much sweeter! 


Ever been on a mission trip? will change your life.

Want to intern for a non-profit but know you won’t get paid? ...side hustles can pay!

Dreaming of adding to your family through adoption? …other people want to be a part of that journey, too!

Want to make sure every kid in your classroom has the supplies they need?…coloring outside the box counts! 

Does your heart beat fast at the thought of giving to that organization you love?…their hearts beat fast at that thought too!  


Fundraising Mission Trip

Y’all, THESE ARE BIG DREAMS. These are places your impact can make a lifelong impression (on you AND on others). Go ahead and dream -- but don't get stuck! The next step is actually doing the thing that makes your dream come true! 

I’ve seen so many friends throughout the years who have a dream but get stuck in the details of how to fund it. So, what if those details were lined out for you? What if you didn’t have to reinvent the wheel?

These “big impact” dreams of ours are what has fueled my desire to create a platform that others can use to help them get where they need to be! 

You heard me. I want to help YOU get where YOU want to be. 

Back when I was trying to raise money for our mission trips, the part that took the most time and energy was coming up with what to make and sell. Then, actually making it and getting it to the intended recipient in a timely fashion (BEFORE Valentine's day, not after 😂) was also super hard! 

Sharing it over social media was the easy part. Engaging my friends and family with our story was another easy part. Some people felt led to give us a check, in addition to paying for their cookie order. We didn’t even have to ask. 

Valentine's Cookies

So, I’ll cut to the chase and make this easy…

I have designed and curated a line of goods on the Winton and Waits website. All these goods are made for a cause. YOUR cause. From production to purchase, these goods are made for a positive purpose!  

We design the products.
We make the products (along with our artisan partners around the world).
We package the products.
We ship the products.

All you have to do is share them! 


Apply now to become a WW Impact Partner and share your story with us. 

Once accepted, ask your community to input your unique code with their purchase and Winton and Waits will write you a check back for 30% of every dollar spent in honor of your impact on your chosen cause. 

No sugar, no butter, no icing. No all-nighters baking cookies. No cleaning up the kitchen! 

This is what fundraising dreams are made of!

Bath Products

Those that apply by October 18th will get the chance to be a part of our launch team as we roll out the program to the public on October 27th! Launch team participants will get all the perks -- free merch, personalized videos, and custom launch tools. 

We want to hear from you! We want to know your stories and your dreams. We have put in the time and effort to launch our beautiful products and this fundraising tool -- because of you!  

Check out our line of luxury bath goods, candles, jewelry, and accessories here:

The impact you make makes all the difference! 

Let’s do it together.


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