Hello Impact Maker!

Well, hello there Impact Maker!

I know what you’re thinking -- “Me? An impact maker? I do want to make an impact, but where do I even start?” We realize that most people (at least our kind of people) are generous. And many are involved in serving others around them in some way.

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Imagine this.

Stick your hands in the two back pockets of your favorite skinny jeans….one pocket holds your giving dollars and the other pocket holds your spending dollars. You are already making an impact with your giving dollars. BUT, what if you could also expand that impact to your spending dollars?

Friend, you CAN be an IMPACT MAKER any time you make a purchase at Winton and Waits.

It has never been our goal or intention to take dollars out of your giving pocket. If you give to a cause – KEEP ON GIVING girl! We are so proud of you!

But, when you need to buy gifts for your friends (cause we know you gals love your friends!) or clothes or candles for your home – we want to give you a space where you don’t have to sacrifice STYLE for SIGNIFICANCE.

At W+W we hold hands with a variety of local and global non-profits and we choose to partner with goods that want to actually DO GOOD! So, come do good alongside us!

For example, did you know…

>> When you buy a Caus Cup at Winton and Waits, YOU are making an impact!

Caus Cup purchases support one of four non-profits, depending on which cup you purchase:

  1. WorldHelp: builds water wells to provide communities with clean water that is safe to drink
  2. Samaritan’s Purse: provides emergency aid, shelter, and medicine to communities needing immediate disaster relief
  3. Polaris: courageously fights against human trafficking
  4. Red Rover: provides emergency shelter, resources, financial assistance, and emotional support to animals and people in a crisis

Caus CupFUN FACT: Each cup has a small emblem, like the red X in this photo for Polaris, that lets you know which organization you are supporting!

>> Here's another way you can be an IMPACT MAKER…

When you buy a Bella Tunno baby product at W+W, YOU are making an impact!

Bella Tunno products are the BEST baby shower gifts! It makes our hearts happy to know that with every Bella Tunno product purchased, a meal is donated to a child in need right here in the United States. #endhunger

Baby Holding Letterboard

Not only are their products adorable, but they are 100% CPSIA compliant - which means they are absolutely safe for the little one in your life!

Did you know that we (Winton and Waits!!) also have a bath goods and jewelry line?

We will expand on that later, but you can be certain that there is IMPACT woven through each of our beautiful handmade items.

So…what now?

Keep GIVING. Keep SERVING. Keep LOVING each other. Keep DOING GOOD!

And when you need to stick that hand in your spending pocket, remember that we have you covered! Together, we are moving, shaking, and making an IMPACT! 


From Our Team of Impact Makers to You! 

Winton and Waits Team

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