Why I launched the KINDNESS CAMPAIGN


We are only 3 months into 2020 and it’s already been a certified rollercoaster ride!

Looking back to January, the tide was shifting in a really exciting way for Winton and Waits. We secured our first wholesale order from a national account, Crate and Barrel. (Edit- click here to read more about that journey!!) I have the perfect team of creative, driven women in place. My brand is well represented and sold all over the  country. My retail Brick+Mortar shop is located in one of the fastest growing urban development areas in the city (Fort Worth, Texas). We have done incredible things in such a short time.

And then, well….you know.

All of a sudden, these large orders we were so busy filling, were cancelled. We closed the retail store for safety reasons. I was literally sitting in a “sea of product” with no way of recouping our investment - at least in the short-term. 

I know I am not alone in this story. Which, on one hand, makes my heart break. And on the other hand, (as a dear friend recently said to me) feels weirdly comforting.  

So, in a matter of 24 hours, I went from fighting the desire to just dig a hole and crawl on in….to reminding myself why I started this company in the first place. 

I reminded myself that I started Winton+Waits to make a positive impact. 
I reminded myself that I started Winton+Waits to give consumers a way to use their spending dollars for good. 
I reminded myself that I started Winton+Waits to link arms with incredible women and entrepreneurs- to collaborate with and help each other grow. 
I reminded myself that I started Winton+Waits to be a platform of products that tell a story and support the causes and people we care about.
I reminded myself that I started Winton+Waits as a means to continue my relationship with and support artisan partners around the world.  
I reminded myself that I started Winton+Waits out of my own broken story with the hope that my story would make a difference. 

I am no stranger to heartache. My guess is, neither are you. 

I have decided that what I need right now is KINDNESS. 

My guess do you. 

Because, you know….KINDNESS can spread too.

So, I quieted myself and prayed. Not the prayer where I asked God for this or that….but the kind of prayer where I just sat and mumbled. “God you know. I trust you are near”. (Psalm 34:18)

Within a short time, an idea started to form in my head...then I spoke it aloud….then I spoke to my team about it. Then, (for accountability and so I didn’t back out) I talked to other entrepreneurs about it. For the record, I happen to be in a community of the best, hardest working small business owners out there. 

Now, I am putting my big girl panties on, taking a step of faith, and speaking it aloud to you. Here it goes:

In an effort to spread kindness, Winton+Waits is launching a KINDNESS CAMPAIGN.

What does that mean? Oh, I’m so glad you asked! 

Think of someone that needs to be encouraged…. someone who needs a little extra kindness sent their way. 

Then, jump on our website to join our KINDNESS CAMPAIGN- where you can send that person one of our best-selling luxury candles- for FREE! 

We have a limited supply, but my hope is to keep KINDNESS and light spreading way after the virus has run its course. COVID -19 has nothing on us. 

Who knows how this will all play out. We all have a choice to BE THE LIGHT and a candle (especially one as wonderful as ours) is a visible, tangible reminder of just that.

My new motto around here is “If we are going down, let's go down in kindness!” 

But, my guess is that if we all really do pause, and take time to BE KIND to one another, it could be just the thing that keeps us from heading down in the first place. 

Will you join us?

Get your Kindness candle here!!

XOXO, Jenna Lee 

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