Glory to Ukraine~ "Inspire" Give Back

This is my friend, Ronnie Mosley. If you are not watching his journey (as a humanitarian photographer around the world)- I urge you to follow him on Instagram HERE or on Facebook HERE.

I’m just going to say “you’re welcome” in advance. 

Ronnie set out several weeks ago for a mission in Zambia and surrounding areas, accompanied by his second shooter, Dasha from Ukraine. Ronnie and team has spent significant time shooting humanitarian photography in Ukraine. You can find these stories and images HERE.

The war on Ukraine began while Dasha was out of her home country, and she cannot return home. They are traveling the world for an Embassy favorable to helping her enter the U.S. 

This is the stuff that movies are made of. 

Here's our CALL TO ACTION:

Our Inspire candle (a blend of rich coffee and spice) was actually inspired BY Ronnie and gives back to Capturing Grace BECAUSE of the incredible impact his art form, efforts and team have in our world. 

In light of all that is happening, starting today, 100% of your Inspire candle purchases will give back to Capturing Grace. Words always feel inadequate in times like these, so we choose action instead. Inspire candles are available online and in store. 

You can also donate directly to Capturing Grace HERE.

We stand with you and your beautiful people, Dasha. Glory to Ukraine!


-Jenna Lee

W+W founder/owner

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